This complex floral fragrance with subtle accents of citrus and spice is built on the noblest ingredients by acclaimed French perfumer Claude Dir.

It starts its delicate journey on the skin on the freshness of verbena that is accented by the juicy tang of mandarin zest and the piquancy of Chinese ginger root, famous for its invigorating properties.


The feminine core is composed of ethereal, romantic pink roses and delicate iris, deepened and anchored by the comfy touch of cuddly, real vanilla orchid and a whiff of woody cinnamon.

The result is a scent as multi-layered as you are, combining sophistication and sensuality with an element of fun. All captured in a bottle of fine fragrance simply called NOU by Como & Brigante: your secret code to the club.

Everyone wants to wear a fragrance that will be exclusive, luxurious, and uncommon, which will have people ask enticed: “Where did you get this?” Such a fragrance could not be had at just any department store. It had to be a little more exclusive than that!


The NOU woman is all of us . . . we are sophisticated, elegant, self-confident but also nurturing and caring. Whether we are professional career women, moms, wives, or all of the above, today’s woman wears many hats in our day-to-day world but within all of us there is a sensuous side that wants to be playful, mischievous, alluring, sexy and slightly naughty . . . the NOU woman.

This is also reflected in our name – NOU stands for No Underwear! But that will be our little secret!