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  Experience the Secret Shared by Some of the Most Incredible Women on Earth.
  You'll share your mystery with a select group of other women – some of the most beautiful, most admired women ever to grace the Earth – including Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor. When these women entered a room, all heads turned in their direction and everything stopped for them. That is because the power of their secret – of YOUR secret – could be felt by everyone.
  But this isn't just a secret that will make you the center of attention no matter where you go: a party, the boardroom, the PTA meeting, even your own bedroom.
  This secret will change who you are and how you feel. You will feel sexy, confident, and even a little bit naughty – plus, you'll have a sense of power that you can only achieve by knowing something no one else knows.
Discover the secret mystery behind NOU
This mystery didn't begin with Hollywood bombshells; it started many decades earlier with a single woman – one of the first to earn and relish the title of femme fatale – named Alma Mahler. Her husband, Gustav Mahler, was a renowned classical composer who used the power of his music to capture the hearts and minds of high society in Europe at that time.
Alma didn't need music: her passion, sensuality, and rebelliousness came from her own secret that she shared not only with a closer inner circle of women who eagerly embraced her mystery as their own but also with the rest of female society.
From 1900 to 1930, Alma led a quiet revolution of women who had discovered the key to gaining power and escaping their constraints with a single fashion statement. She would often throw soirees for her husband’s acquaintances, which were some of the most influential intellectuals and academics of the time. It was during these events that Alma would arrange sophisticated female company for the attendees.
She discovered that if the ladies forewent their undergarments it created a highly charged yet discrete atmosphere of sensuality and playfulness. The fact that these women had a sensual secret that was not outwardly visible drove the male attendees at the soirées totally crazy with desire. These hapless gentlemen had no idea what it was that attracted them so strongly to Alma’s invited female guests. Now COMO & BRIGANTE has bottled this secret sensuality in our fragrance, and have named it NOU. Some say it stands for NO Underwear, but this is our little secret.
Are you ready to experience this amazing secret for yourself?

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