For five years, Claude Dir – one of the world's most respected perfumers and the man behind perfumes and colognes created for Gucci, Hugo Boss, and Bijan DNA – worked on bottling this mystery. After all of those years, he succeeded and created NOU.
  NOU's fragrance is simply unlike anything you'll find in department stores today because Claude Dir wanted to craft something truly unique that combined the highest
quality ingredients without any unnecessary additives so the result would be a pure powerful scent that captured, would put this secret into the hands of women like you.
Claude Dir began by blending the woody aroma of Verbena with the clean rush of Mandarin Zest before adding the rich aroma of freshly grated Chinese Ginger with the delightful sweetness of Cinnamon.
When these scents were added to the gentle essence of Vanilla Orchid, the intoxicating scent of pink roses, and the tantalizing scent of purple iris root.
The result is a fragrance that is as multi-layered as you are. The aroma is both innocent and erotic, sweet yet seductive. It's the scent of a woman who knows herself and who isn't afraid to feel sexy, self-assured, and sensational.

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