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  Perfume is truly magical: of all our senses, smell is the most elusive, the one more intrinsically tied to memory and desire, the one that produces visceral reactions. To be pleasant and transport it needs human intervention in the cloak of a conjurer. The role of the perfumer, or "nose" as is common to call them in the industry, is to compose the delicate infrastructure that holds the aromatic ingredients together, the formula. Carefully dosing and mixing precious essences aided by the latest technological advances but never abandoning the traditional secrets passed down on them through generations of artists, perfumers perform the prestidigitation of fragrance and summon fairies and sirens to lure us into the emanations out of a pretty bottle.
  Claude Dir, the French nose behind the feminine fragrance NoU by Como & Brigante, is one such conjurer of scents who with the wink of an eye and sleight of hand can produce the most magical olfactory effects for your delectation. Every fragrance begins on the sketch board and the idea must then be thought of by the art director and translated into trial modules by the perfumer. Mixing, adjusting, tossing and starting from scratch, a fine fragrance can take months and even years to be perfectly tuned like a fine instrument to produce the music that has been lurking in the avenues of the artist's head. In NoU the problem was how to overcome a field which was inundated with compositions similar to one another: pretty feminine florals based on tried and true combinations, sparkling fruity scents that started to become déjà vu, deeper meaningful Orientals that risked becoming heavy. There needed to be something new, something revolutionary but also wearable, soft and pliable to every situation a woman envisions her favorite fragrance to take her. NoU was born!
  Claude Dir was inspired by the concept behind Como & Brigante's initial vision: the sensuality of the female form without underwear, sensuous and soft like the petals of an enigmatic flower. To accomplish that he amassed luxurious extracts of beautiful blossoms, the sweet underlay of vanilla orchid along with a touch of fresh air, and he laced them all with the spicy ribbon of energizing ginger to produce an oeuvre that is greater than the sum of its parts. Behind the curtain of the conjurer, the trick is safely hidden in Dir's arsenal, but in front of your eyes and your nose, the vision takes its full form: proud, modern, ethereally beautiful, exclusive. The last part is integral to the philosophy of NoU. We didn't want to make something so magical become mundane by making it a mass market product that would be sold alongside other products. We wanted to give it the pedestal it deserves. And because the NoU woman is smart and young-spirited no matter her age, we have opted for its exclusive distribution on Como & Brigante's site. With our safe policy that allows you to sample and return the bottle if you're dissatisfied you have nothing to lose: but something tells us you will be thrilled to enter the secret club and will cling to your bottle adoringly. Because NoU by Como & Brigante really is the exciting proposition for the new woman: you!