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  Have you ever wondered what makes some people so annoyingly the same? It's not their physique or their clothes or the intricacies of their speech. Very often it's how they smell: they never change their personal fragrance! Someone gave them a gift once and they have faithfully and unimaginatively kept to it through the years, stuck in a rut making everyone wonder if the scent is wearing them instead of the other way around. But does it suit them that much? Does it respond to every instance of their busy lives? We don't wear the same clothes to go to work and to go for a cocktail with our friends in the evening, so why should we wear the same fragrance? Additionally, every day has its own special mood, demanding something different from yesterday, if only to perk us up and make us feel special again. A well-planned change in fragrance might be the stepping stone of a welcome metamorphosis.
  This is where a modern concept comes in via Como & Brigante and its first luxurious feminine fragrance, NoU.
  One of the most ingenious ideas regarding fragrance wearing is the concept of a perfume wardrobe to suit your specific lifestyle. A collection of diverse fragrances which helps you pick and choose according to the occasion, the style of your clothes and the sentimental mood in which you're in at the moment. Your personal arsenal if you wish to face the vagaries and little battles of your life with gusto. Perhaps you might want to include an everyday, pellucid fragrance that puts you in your best frame of mind; light, perky and clean-feeling. A feminine floral that bestows its delicate film of mysterious allure on you might be just what was missing. Or a suave oriental full of resinous and vanillic notes that smolders and whispers of your prowess could make you feel more like a winner in the game of seduction, providing confidence and individual style.
  NoU by Como & Brigante is an essential component in your fragrance collection. Not only does it fit with many of the above settings, due to its sheer pedigree and elegant disposition, but it also provides the pleasurable and tantalizing feeling of liberty that wearing nothing underneath your clothes gives you. In fact that was exactly the mischievous concept behind it: the freedom to truly be you and to feel sensual, without restrictions. The zingy start of verbena and mandarin coupled with the effervescence of ginger, like a refreshing fruity mousse, kick-start the day in style, while its deeper notes of orchid vanilla round out the mellow harmonies of enigmatic iris and aphrodisiac rose for a late evening rendezvous. Its modern, architectural bottle will be a wonderful addition on your dresser.
  But the most important thing is NoU's exclusivity. Because you don't want to smell yourself coming and going, NoU is restricted to only 5000 bottles, giving you the chance to stand out for your eclectic taste. We chose to make NoU available only online, through this special offer, so you can reap the benefits of this luxurious passť-partout. So don't hesitate and enter the glamorous world of Como & Brigante and NoU today!