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  The sweet attraction of flowers has enthralled women since antiquity, rendering them the ultimate ideal in beauty and femininity right up to our own times. The interplay of their delicate, colorful petals, the fragrant ambience they emit around them and the elegance of their sinuous stems bring to mind the complexity of women and their intimate secrets. It is exactly those attributes which Como & Brigante captured in their first fragrance for women, named NoU. Encased in a beautiful sparse bottle of heavy Italian glass hiding in a soft, black velvet pouch, NoU is a complex floral fragrance, accented with piquant spices and refreshing citrus. NoU combines the essences of the noblest blossoms like a bouquet of fresh flowers that, unlike flowers, lasts forever.
  Floral perfumes form the biggest and most popular family of fragrances and are a perennial favorite for thousands of women who are lured by their undoubted charms. Usually they are built around the romantic duet of rose and jasmine, the precious essences of which are worth their weight in gold in perfumery. But there are numerous combinations, as many as the perfumer's imagination and craftsmanship can master. Wistful, ethereal irises, lush magnolias and lilacs, heady lilies and gardenias, deliriously happy orange blossoms and bittersweet heliotropes, they all lend a bit of their magic into the ultimate accessory which is fine fragrance. The laborious efforts of talented perfumers managed to coax them into submission so that they exude their best for the pleasure of women and the men who love them. The flower essences are highlighted by other "notes" which like accessories to a well-chosen outfit make the difference between make and break. It all lies in the precarious balance between experienced artists and a dosage of true chic and originality.
  In NoU we have captured the life-force of the loveliest blossoms of spring with the help of famous French "nose" Claude Dir: pink roses fresh from the garden, delicate iris, whose rhizomes are the most expensive ingredient in perfumery, as well as vanilla orchids with their erotically sweet appeal. Those are married to zesty mandarin, spicy ginger, and a touch of aphrodisiac cinnamon to result in a fragrance that softly caresses the senses.
  But what makes it so special among other fine fragrances? Its exclusivity. No more than 5000 bottles are produced and you can be one of the lucky few who will share the ultimate fantasy of this intimate floral. And because Como & Brigante is on the edge of technological advancements, this fantastic offer is available only through the Web for those select few who know about NoU's secret. So don't hesitate any more: make it yours at the click of your mouse and revel in the escapades that NoU promises.