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  April might be "the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land" in the words of T.S.Elliot, but Como & Brigante innovates again with their newest offer of NoU fragrance, sure to get you out of your change-of-the-season melancholy.
  Perfume is one of the best kept secrets of femine guiles with its peplum of mystery and fascination, preying upon the fantasies of men and women alike. Como & Brigante has launched the luxurious NoU fragrance with that in mind to capture the males and females of today: a fragrance that gives the sensuous, intimate feeling of wearing nothing undeneath your clothes.
  From time immemorial scent has played its subversive, powerful game of seduction and mystique. From Cleopatra who ordered the sails of her boat to be aromatized with all the essences of Arabia upon meeting her lover Marc Antony, to Nefertiti who prized honey as the scent of feminine beauty , ancient people knew a thing or two about fragrance's erotic role. More recently writers rhapsodized about the role of fragrance to the psyche devoting stanzas and odes to the trails of scent emanating from the skin of a loved one. Like Oscar Wilde, even today we are wondering what is "in ambergris that stirred one's passions and in violets that woke the memory of dead romances and in musk that troubled the brain". More than the sum of its parts, perfume creates a synergy of attributes that speak directly to the limbic system, the part of the brain attached to memory and desire. In the hands of a competent alchemist, perfume can act as erotic ammunition and a timeless memento of loved ones.
  Como & Brigante sourced one of the best of those modern alchemists: Claude Dir, an acclaimed French "nose" -as is the term for perfume creators- who has created masterpieces for Boss, Bijan, La Prairie and Elizabeth Arden. Fusing the most exquisite natural ingredients with up- to-date advances in perfumery he has created a complex floral fragrance that will stir your senses and hook your intended audience for ever..or as long as you like! NoU delicately weaves accents of zingy spices, such as ginger and cinnamon, to rev up levels of energy and to ignite attention. This is followed by the exhuberance of citrusy notes of mandarin and fresh verbena which provide the freshness necessary for a fragrance to mimic the feeling you get from gliding on silk garments on your just bathed, naked body. The floral heart of NoU blends the noble rhizomes of iris, the most expensive perfume ingredient today, with feminine pink roses falling on a featherbed of real vanilla orchid extract. You will want to live this moment again and again and again. So NoU comes in a sturdy, elegant bottle of Italian crystal which you can hide in your purse as a constant reminder of your inner goddess.
  Now that flowers are blooming so can you, taking advantage of our online offer to join the exclusive club of people in the know: the secret society of NoU women. Women who can twist the whole world around their little finger. Effortlessly.