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  Even though all the snow hasn’t thawed yet, the rush of new awakenings and the rhythms of the sensual drum of Nature are making themselves known: You might not see it, but spring is coming, and with it comes the optimism of a new season.
  As the weather becomes warmer and clothes get lighter, new sensations awaken and the desire to divest of them with the scent of femininity. This spring there is a new, unique way of embracing this celebration of sunlight and happiness. An intimate, mystical way, like the first kiss of morning dew on a newborn petal, you are the first one to see. A fragrance so delicate and so feminine that it will put a spring in your step and a twinkle in your eye: NOU fragrance by Como & Brigante.
  Because NOU is truly uncommon: it was designed to give you the illusion of not wearing anything underneath your clothes, just like a flower doesn’t need underpinnings to show off its inherent beauty. And in this sophisticated game of discreet seduction, partaking of the essence of NOU is like continuing the line of the great seductresses who shunned undergarments for the freedom of movement it gave them. Alma Mahler, née Schindler, was one of those women who were the inspiration behind the creation of NOU fragrance for women. Wife of the composer Gustav Mahler, of architect Walter Gropius and of novelist Franz Werfel, and lover to the painter Oskar Kokoschka, Alma was an intelligent, confident beauty who lured discerning men with her sensual liberty and her unapologetic conduct. Subject of a song by Tom Lehrer, two movies and a drama touring the locales where she lived, Alma has been the last great seductress of the Belle Epoque and a legend in the making. Notorious for foregoing underwear, she understood the vital liberty such an act of defiance meant and exploited it to her best advantage. She became the eternal female in the pursuit of new awakenings, always modern, always fresh.
  And now, so can you, even without resorting to such a practice. Through the oneiric journey the new fragrance by Como & Brigante, NOU, can bring you. Like the promise of vintage glamour, this complex floral fragrance, by one of the most acclaimed French perfumers in the business, unites all the magical spells of bygone allure. The softness and voluptuousness of roses, the earthy delight of expensive iris, the mandarin tang and the spicy touch of cinnamon, ginger and vanilla to put a little sizzle under the floaty, satiny dresses of spring. Only you, will know what it feels like to wear it directly on your skin, but the effect will be perceptible by the select few you let in your innermost circle of trust. And isn’t that the budding secret of spring? NOU comes in a heavy, luxurious bottle of Italian manufacture that will take pride of place on your dresser or in your purse, peeking through the veil of the mundane, ready to transport you to more glamorous times.
  Like a well-kept secret, NOU begins its seduction even before you wear it: by the way it titillates you to sample it through our exclusive sampling program, only on our site. So click today and find out how you too can be part of this secret society of eternal spring.