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  Spring is upon us and we are all eager to turn a new leaf. This time, instead of promises that will thaw with the first throes of spring, why don’t you make a resolution to embrace your inner femininity like you never did before? Because there is a way to enhance what you have in the most elegant and subtle way: NOU fragrance for women from Como & Brigante.
  Every perfume tells a story, transporting you and anyone close by into a different world, allowing us to dream a little. Perfumers get inspired by memories and associations as much as by art and real people. Sometimes it is a beautiful garden on an exotic island, when you immerse yourself into the fragrant air of humid tropical climes. Other times it is the invocation of a cozy evening by the fire cuddled up to someone special. Or still, the first time one sets eyes upon a sculpture that even though is silent, it speaks... This flight of fancy makes quality perfumes indelibly etched on the memory of our beloved ones, enticing and making the special ladies who wear them simply unforgettable. And every woman, whoever she is, has a sensual side that needs to get out and playfully assert itself through the guiles of female ammunition: perfume.
  NOU is like that. Like calligraphy on ivory silk, it makes you think of slinky fabrics that caress the body sensually, only it’s even more intimate than that. NOU is the most secret, the most intimate material touching your skin and the most daring story of them all: Because NOU recreates the feeling of not wearing anything underneath your clothes the way erotic archetypes of yore did. Like Alma Mahler, an erotic legend and wife of classical composer Gustav Mahler did. And like discerning, elegant and famous women today do too. A secret only the select few are privy to! So why don’t you try it for yourself this year? You could be your own story’s mischievous heroine that will cast a spell on everyone who catches a tantalizing whiff of this unique fragrance.
  NOU is a complex floral with accents of citrus and spice, built on the noblest ingredients by acclaimed French perfumer Claude Dir. The fragrance starts on the freshness of verbena that is accented by the juicy tang of mandarin zest and the piquancy of Chinese ginger root, famous for its invigorating properties. The feminine core is composed of lush, aphrodisiac pink roses and delicate iris, deepened and anchored by the comfy touch of cuddly, real vanilla orchid and woody cinnamon.
  All encased in a beautiful and elegant elongated bottle of heavy crystal with a silver cap made in Italy that feels solid to the touch and a luxury to keep on your dresser or in your purse for discreet touch-ups.
  By now you may have begun wondering why you have never heard of this exciting fragrance before. The answer is simple: We have kept this fragrance our well-kept secret for the exclusive use of the select few. But time has come that public demand by word of mouth compelled us to reach to more ladies who are eager to explore their feminine side. But since such a daring concept needs to be secretive and unique, we have shunned ordinary department stores and opted for distributing it only online through our site. So find out how you can order your own NOU fragrance today!