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  You might have heard it before: Marilyn Monroe shunned panties; Jayne Mansfield had no use for them; Kim Novak often went without a bra; Marlene Dietrich, Elizabeth Taylor, and Brigitte Bardot….and of course the first lady to make this fashionable: Alma Mahler, the social butterfly and arch -seductress of La Belle Époque. They all shared the same intimate secret. Their feel of empowerment and the mystique they created on male desire had something to do with this aura of the sensuality of a woman who lets soft clothes caress her bare flesh. The result was discreetly provocative, subtly sensuous and a tantalizing mystery to their entourage. Where did this confidence and knowing wink come from? A famous fashion designer used to say “elegance is refusal”. Instead of adding frilly and cliché lingerie on, how much more liberating it is to forego it altogether and revel in the true sensuality of naked skin!
  Como & Brigante in collaboration with acclaimed French perfumer Claude Dir have been working for 5 years on the concept of a fragrance that encapsulates this feeling of liberty and naughtiness that foregoing underpinnings creates in the female psyche: NoU fragrance, a complex floral with the most delicate and ethereal essences that combine to create a luxurious, multi-layered scent that accompanies you in every one of your daily activities ~ from kissing your man good-morning to tenderly attending to your kids’ needs; and from the daily fight in the boardroom to a fun soirée with friends later on. Every woman takes on many roles in today’s world which risk making her forget her inner core, her true identity. NoU by Como & Brigante follows as a discreet reminder of her femininity and natural self, unashamed in reveling in who she really is.
  What makes the NoU composition unique apart from its sumptuous bouquet and bright spices, however, is the fact that it is devoid of unnecessary additives or colourants in order to bring you an unadulterated experience that is pure and powerful. It literally has the potential to transport you in your own mirage of being the star of your own show! You might have not yet heard of any celebrities who wear NoU by Como & Brigante, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t favor it in their private lives. Like you and us, they are guarding the secret of this intimate rite of passage that echoes Alma Mahler’s seductive ritual. NoU has been circulating online with an exclusive distribution by Como & Brigante for a limited amount of bottles, so now you too have a chance to participate in this elite group of beautiful, powerful, sexy and intelligent women. Considered yourself one of the first to be in the know: NoU by Como & Brigante has lots of surprises up its silky sleeves which will be revealed to you slowly one by one, like the denouement to a fascinating story ~the story of a dream; the dream we had of making something truly unique for all of you!